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Wienerschnitzel 5 for $5 Chili Dogs Chili Burgers

Come in to Wienerschnitzel and enjoy 5 chili dogs or chili burgers for just $5. Mix and match! Get 3 dogs and 2 burgers…or 4 burgers and a dog…or 2 dogs and…well, you get the idea. Delicious Wienerschnitzel chili burgers and chili dogs, 5 for $5.00 with no coupon or promo code required.

Offer valid for a limited time at participating restaurants. Most Wienerschnitzel locations will be open holiday hours on Labor Day (Monday, September 5th.)

Wienerschnitzel 99 Cent Chili Dog Mondays

Don’t miss Wienerschnitzel’s 99 Cent Original Chili Dog Mondays. Get a freshly grilled original hot dog smothered with their world famous chili and served on a fresh, steamed bun. All for just 99 cents, every Monday. It’s all part of the Wienerschnitzel 50th Anniversary celebration, happening now.

Offer valid for a limited time at participating Wienerschnitzel restaurants. Most locations will be open regular hours throughout Memorial Day Weekend.