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Taco Bell Why Pay More Value Menu Items/Pricing

October 12, 2016

I occasionally receive questions about Taco Bell “dollar menu items.” Taco Bell does not have a dollar menu per se. However, they do have a value menu with 4 selections still available for 99 cents each.

The Taco Bell Why Pay More Value Menu currently features 10 individual items plus 4 Meal Deals. Prices vary by market. In my area, price per individual item ranges from 99 cents to $1.79. Here are the Taco Bell Why Pay More Value Menu items and prices as of March 20, 2013:

Crispy Potato Soft Taco – 99 cents
Cheese Roll-Up – 99 cents
Cheesy Nachos – 99 cents
Cinnamon Twists – 99 cents

Crunchy Taco – $1.09
Soft Taco – $1.09
Bean Burrito – $1.19
Caramel Apple Empanada – $1.19
Beefy 5-Layer Burrito – $1.79
Chicken Burrito – $1.79

Chicken Burrito Meal Deal – $2.49
Beef Gordida Supreme Meal Deal – $2.49
Double Decker Taco Meal Deal – $2.49
Beefy 5-Layer Burrito Meal Deal – $2.59

(All Meal Deals include selected item, Doritos chips, and a medium drink.)

Taco Bell Why Pay More Value Menu prices may vary by location. As always, prices are subject to change at any time.