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Kroger 3-Day Weekend Sale Catfish Sausage Bread

Kroger is having another 3-Day Sale! Here’s your chance to stock up on 4 weekend essentials at unbeatable prices: – Country Select Catfish Filets, 4 pound box, $15.96. Limit 2. – Kimberly and Boston Ferns, $9.99 each. – Williams Sausage Patties, 36 ounce box, $3.99. Limit 4. – Wonder Bread, 20 ounce select varieties, 99… Read More »

Kroger Valentine’s Day 12 Red Roses $19.99

Kroger is offering one dozen Private Selection red roses for just $19.99. Nothing says “I love you” like a dozen red roses, especially on Valentine’s Day. Kroger also features an Elegant Rose Bouquet for $35.00 plus custom-made rose arrangements, floral candy arrangements, tulips, orchids, and daisies. Valentine’s Day 2014 is Sunday, February 14. Give the… Read More »

Kroger 4-Day Weekend Sale Bacon Soda Sausage

Kroger is having a 4-Day Sale! Here’s your chance to stock up on 4 weekend essentials at unbeatable prices: – Wright Bacon, 24 ounce package, $4.99. Limit 4. – King Cotton Smoked Sausage, 14 ounce, $1.88. Limit 4. – Big K Soda, 12 pack of 12 ounce cans, $1.99. Limit 5. – Sunny D, select… Read More »

Kroger $3.99 Blue Bell Ice Cream Half Gallons

I love Blue Bell ice cream! For one thing, their containers are still a full 1/2 gallon. Used to be, 64 ounces was the standard size for ice cream. But then, “package shrinking” became a way of life in the food industry. Ice cream containers were first shrunk to 56, then to just 48 ounces!… Read More »

Kroger 4th of July Sale $3 Coke Pepsi 12 Packs

There are 5 times each year to buy soda pop and potato chips: the week before Memorial Day, Independence Day (July 4), Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas/New Year’s. Many stores will sell sodas and chips at or below cost during these times. The purpose is to get you into the store where they hope you… Read More »

Kroger FREE Doritos Cheetos Pepsi

This Friday, Kroger stores will be giving away FREE bags of Dorito’s tortilla chips, Cheetos cheese puffs, and Pepsi soft drinks! One sample-sized bag or 12 ounce can free per customer. Choose from several flavors and varities. No coupon or promo code necessary to get this deal. Free Dorito’s, Cheetos, and Pepsi are yours for… Read More »