Most of us are familiar with the discount coupon promo codes as advertised on national radio and television shows. Syndicated hosts advertise on their programs and provide names or passwords for listeners of their affiliate stations to receive discounts.

It works like this: the website features a box in the upper right hand corner of the screen: “HEAR ABOUT US ON RADIO OR TV? CLICK HERE!” Customers click the box, then enter the name or password provided by show host in order to receive their discount.

On my other site (, I have received several e-mails from readers, asking for additional promo codes. Specifically, codes offered by local radio & TV talk show hosts. Does your station participate in the promotions? If so, here’s a chance to help them out while giving your station a free plug at the same time. Just list your station’s promotion/discount code in the ‘comments’ section below. Or, send it to me and I’ll add it to the list. Thanks!

Sean Hannity – Premiere Radio Networks
Glenn Beck – Premiere Radio Networks
Michael Savage – Talk Radio Network
Laura Ingraham – Talk Radio Network
Dave Ramsey – The Dave Ramsey Show
Mark Levin – Citadel Media
Ed Schultz – Dial Global
Joe Madison – Sirius XM Satellite Radio
Neal Boortz – Dial Global
Howard Stern – Sirius XM Satellite Radio
Mike Gallagher – Salem Radio Network
Doug Stephan – Stephan Productions
Jerry Doyle – Talk Radio Network
Lou Dobbs – United Stations Radio Networks
Bill Handel – KFI-AM 640 Los Angeles, CA / Premiere Radio Networks
Mancow – TRN-FM
Dr. Laura Schlessinger – Sirius XM Satellite Radio
Stephanie Milller – Dial Global/WYD Media
George Noory/Coast to Coast – Premiere Radio Networks
Jim Bohannon – Westwood One
Michael Medved – Salem Radio Network
Bill Bennett – Salem Radio Network
Michael Smerconish – WPHT-AM 1210 Philadelphia, PA / Dial Global
Dr. Joy Browne – WOR Radio Network
Lars Larson – KXL-AM 750 Portland, OR / Compass Media Networks
John & Ken – KFI-AM 640 Los Angeles, CA / KNEW-AM 910 Oakland-San Francisco, CA
Roger Hedgecock – Radio America
Dennis Miller – Westwood One
Rusty Humphries – Talk Radio Network
Jim Rome – Premiere Radio Networks
Kim Komando – WestStar TalkRadio Network
Dennis Prager – Salem Radio Network
Randi Rhodes – Premiere Radio Networks
Bob & Tom – Premiere Radio Networks
Bubba the Love Sponge – Bubba Radio Network
Mike & Mike – ESPN Radio
Quinn & Rose – WPGB-FM 104.7 Pittsburgh, PA
Howie Carr – WRKO-AM 680 Boston, MA
Phil Valentine – WWTN-FM 99.7 Hendersonville-Nashville, TN / Westwood One
John Gibson – FOX News Radio
Todd Schnitt – Compass Media Networks
Roe Conn – WLS-AM 890 Chicago, IL
G. Gordon Liddy – Radio America
Monsters in the Morning – WTKS-FM 104.1 Cocoa Beach-Orlando, FL
Hugh Hewitt – Salem Radio Network
Glenn Ordway – WEEI-AM 590 FM 103.7 Boston, MA – Westerly-Providence, RI
Jim Villanucci – KKOB-AM 770 Albuquerque, NM
Mark Davis – WBAP-AM 820 FM 96.7 Fort Worth – Flower Mound-Dallas, TX
Opie & Anthony – Sirius XM Satellite Radio
Doug McIntyre – Citadel Media
Garry Meier – WGN-AM 720 Chicago, IL
Alan Stock – KXNT-AM 840 FM 100.5 North Las Vegas – Henderson-Las Vegas, NV
Bob & Sheri – WLNK-FM 107.9 Charlotte, NC / Lincoln Financial Media
Mike Rosen – KOA-AM 850 Denver, CO
The Sports Junkies – WJFK-FM 106.7 Manassas, VA-Washington, DC
John DePetro – WPRO-AM 630 Providence, RI
Jason Lewis – KTLK-AM 1130 Minneapolis, MN / Premiere Radio Networks
Dave Elswick – KARN-FM 102.9 Sheridan-Little Rock, AR
Larry Elder – KABC-AM 790 Los Angeles, CA
Bobby Bones – Premiere Radio Networks

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